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EPA’s Updated Climate Change Data Shows Global Warming’s Impacts Are Already Here

EPA's Updated Climate Change Data Shows Global Warming's Impacts Are Already Here

The Environmental Protection Agency has revived its dashboard of key climate change indicators after four years with no updates.

From spikes in summer heat waves to sea level rise to the loss of melting ice sheets, the EPA says the data shows "compelling and clear evidence of changes to our climate."

EPA Administrator Michael Regan stressed the danger to the entire country.

"Americans are seeing and feeling the impacts up close with increasing regularity," Regan told reporters Wednesday, according to the Washington Post.

The site puts data, including statistics collected by NOAA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all in one place for easy reference. The indicators focus on categories including greenhouse gases; weather and climate; oceans; snow and ice; adaptation and resilience; ecosystems; and human consequences. All of which the EPA says is evidence of a warming world.

"Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events – like heavy rainstorms and record high temperatures – are already happening," the agency says on the website. "Many of these observed changes are linked to the rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, caused by human activities."

The relaunch of the indicators comes amid President Joe Biden's vow to tackle climate change and emphasize science-based data.

"EPA’s climate indicators website is a crucial scientific resource that underscores the urgency for action on the climate crisis," Regan said in a news release. "With this long overdue update, we now have additional data and a new set of indicators that show climate change has become even more evident, stronger and extreme – as has the imperative that we take meaningful action."

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